Success Stories

Success Stories: Stewardship Projects the KFSC Supports

Starting in 2012, the KFSC provided local wisdom and professional insights to help the Kootenai National Forest shape land management projects that provide raw material for wood products, and improve forest conditions and wildlife habitat. The KFSC developed project-level teams led by local community members to collaborate on proposed outcomes for the projects, and provide cohesive, informed public comments to the Forest Service. These collaborative projects have produced improved on-the-ground results and are able to avoid or withstand litigation.

Current Projects

2018 Cub Creek Salvage

  • Cabinet Ranger District
  • 1477 acres will be treated out of 5823 acres that burned in the 2017 Cub Creek Fire near Thompson Falls.
  • Tree planting will occur on 1523 acres, over the next 5 years
  • 14 miles of new temp roads will be constructed, with 8 miles located on old road prisms.
  • Estimated timber production volume of approx. 29 MBF
  • Project goals include fuels reduction, wild habitat improvement, soil stabilization, timber harvest, re-establish and restore forest conditions, roadside danger tree abatement.
  • The KFSC and the Cabinet Forestry Collaborative issued a letter of support for this project.
  • This project was approved on July 13, 2018. Treatments will begin in 2018.

2018 West Fork Salvage 

  • Libby Ranger District
  • This project will salvage timber from the burned area of the 2017 West Fork fire, near libby.
  • 3,120 acres will be harvested out of 21,800 acres burned.
  • Estimated production of 27 MBF
  • Goals of the project are: salvage of dead and dying trees, watershed restoration, felling of hazardous trees near roads.
  • The Sale is scheduled for advertising Fall 2018
  • Final decision approval was signed June 29, 2018
  • The KFSC has issued a letter of support for this project

2018 Starry Goat

  • Three Rivers Ranger District
  • 24 MBF estimated timber production
  • This project just reached the decision phase and will be moving through completion in 2018 and 2019.
  • This project is supported by the KFSC

Spread Thick Unit, Three Rivers District, 2017



Photo by Anthony South

Past Projects

2014 East Reservoir

  • 92,000-acre analysis area on Libby Ranger District
  • 39 million board feet, estimated timber production
  • Goals: Provide raw materials for wood products, while reducing wildfire risk, and restoring habitat both for wildlife and fisheries.
  • This project is currently undergoing litigation. The KFSC is supporting the project by intervening on behalf of the Forest Service in the lawsuit.

2013 South Fork Fuels Reduction

  • 927 acres mechanically treated on Three Rivers Ranger District
  • 5.5 million board feet of timber produced
  • Goals: Reduced fuels to protect Yaak community in event of wildfire; incorporated wildlife corridors into project

2012 Sparring Bulls

  • 1,035 acres mechanically treated on the Three Rivers Ranger District
  • 9 Million Board Feet of timber produced.
  • Goals: Restore huckleberry and other shrub species to provide food for big game and other wildlife, including elk and grizzly bear.

2008 Rocky Pine

  • 939 acres mechanically treated on Three Rivers Ranger District
  • 6 million board feet of timber produced
  • Reduced the risk of destructive forest fire by reducing forest fuels and providing a safety buffer around the community and private property, while conserving old growth forest and respecting wildlife corridors.

Rocky Pine project, 2008


South Fork Fuels Reduction Project, 2013

Upcoming Projects

Northwest Yaak 

  • Three Rivers Ranger District
  • The KFSC is working with the forest service on this project.
  • This project is in an early planning stage. More information and project statistics coming soon.


  • This project is in an early planning stage. More information coming soon.


We’re always looking for new local voices to be involved in projects like these. No previous forestry experience is required. Contact us to learn more!