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Our 3 foundational components

The Kootenai Forest Stakeholder’s Agreement underlies and supports our work with the National Forest and with communities around Lincoln and Sanders County. It took us years to find a way to articulate the ways that our various interests and goals could work harmoniously on the 2.2 million acres that make up the Kootenai National Forest.


Timber: Harvest guidelines were built to support the existing forest plan and aim to facilitate (and fast-track) diverse, collaborative involvement in individual timber projects. By working with the Kootenai National Forest on large-scale timber projects, KFSC hopes to lessen litigation and increase the pace and scale of sustainable timber harvest.


Wilderness: 180,000-acres of new Wilderness areas are proposed on the KFSC map. This includes doubling the size of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness, protecting important grizzly bear habitat in the Yaak, and securing protection for Scotchman Peaks.


Recreation: 56,000 acres of non-motorized areas and 56,000 acres of snowmobile areas are on the KFSC map. Designating and developing recreation areas would help to bolster the growing tourism economy in Lincoln and Sanders County.

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